Slush Readers Wanted 

Pay: Volunteer

Time commitment: 3-5 hours/week

Location: Any/Online

Flash Fiction Online is currently the largest flash-fiction-only magazine on the web, with 55,000+ hits/month.  We are an SFWA qualifying market.  We accept submissions in most genres, including literary, mainstream, science fiction, fantasy, horror, humor, etc.  We are an English language publication.  

We are looking for 8 to 10 first-line readers to read and vote on submissions.  

A strong candidate will responsibly meet commitments and maintain timely communication with managing staff, have an above average knowledge of English grammar and the mechanics of fiction writing.  A background in literary critique is helpful, but not required.

This position is an excellent learning opportunity for aspiring fiction writers and a resume-builder for those aspiring for paid work in the publishing/editing industry.

Slush readers are expected to read and vote on 20 to 30 very short (500 to 1000 words) stories per week.  Additionally, readers are strongly encouraged to participate in a monthly winnowing session in which semi-final selections are read and discussed--with constructive critique--prior to the editor's final selections.

In the box provided, give a short (<250 words) resume.  Also, please download a short (<500 words) sample of your writing.  Expect to receive a short (<1000 words) sample of someone else's writing to critique as part of the selection process.

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